Building strength and poise in challenging times:

A two part workshop

Dr. Magdalena Bak-Maier’s introduction to her neuroscience-based Grid for work-life balance masterclasses was an outstanding success at our recent Alumni event. This is a golden opportunity to learn from a superb educator.

Even before the pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement too many people battled a silent but formidable enemy: burnout. Today this well-recognized occupational phenomenon is on the rise, disempowering us all. Its key characteristics include exhaustion, cynicism, and diminishing self-esteem.

Cultivating a healthy balance across life, work, career and how we self-care can be a real struggle. The virus puts everyone at risk of spiraling out of balance at any moment. Given that getting balance right helps us thrive in adversity and underpins how effectively we can support others, becoming more masterful in this area buffers against additional stress, overwhelm, feeling demoralized and doubting one’s worth.

This Grid-based Masterclass invites you to explore how you can become more empowered and safeguard health and wellbeing in the current context of work and career pressures. Join us to explore a practical toolkit for personal empowerment and how to nurture yourself and your clients to emerge stronger and more hopeful in 2021.

The value of attending

This Masterclass will provide you with:

  • Research and academic underpinning to burnout to help you understand and be able to explain this phenomena to your clients.
  • A powerful Grid-based Daily practice that supports balance and underpins sustainable success.
  • Practical Grid-based process, tools and worksheets to explore healthy boundaries, resourcefulness, and how to break free from self-sabotaging patterns using creative Grid-based approaches.
  • Simple diagnostic and experiential activities to help safeguard yourself against burnout and assist clients who may battle burnout.
  • Opportunity to address your own work-life balance and career resilience with process work.
  • Practical ideas on how to integrate this work with your clients needs including how to construct a value proposition for this offering.
  • Confidence in working with clients more creatively using experiential and neuro-somatic approaches, mind-body work, and right-brain centric activities.

The work will be split into two half-day group workshops and one small group assignment between the two sessions to allow for practical experimentation and deepening of learning.

Ways in which this work can be applied:

Clients who are:

  • in work but who feel they have lost a sense of meaning and purpose for it
  • overworked and in danger of burnout
  • feeling trapped in a job they dislike but feel they lack time and energy to build a path to better alternatives
  • post maternity returners who worry how to manage this transition or sell their experience back into the workplace
  • career changers and portfolio workers at greater risk of work-life imbalance
  • at risk of redundancy, feeling a sense of loss of structure that may trigger chronic stress, depression, sense of failure and inescapable threat
  • feeling lost in the pandemic and wishing to recover a sense of empowerment.

Who can attend these Masterclasses

Individuals who are interested both in learning more about the topic for themselves, and in integrating it within their own work and business who are either a:

  • Graduates of the CCS Core Skills Accredited Career Coach training
  • Career coaches or coaches
  • HR and Learning and Development professional with coaching experience

What else will attendees get?

  • Pre-workshop activity for both group workshops
  • Workshop Slides
  • PDF worksheets.
  • Copy of the Get Productive Grid Book

Fees and date

Part 1: 2022 date to be announced soon – 930 am – 1 pm (London time)
Part 2: 2022 date to be announced soon –  930 am – 1 pm (London time)

Both workshops will be run on Zoom.

The fee is £320 + VAT
Early-Bird Rate:  the fee is £290 + VAT

To apply, please request an Application form from

Course Facilitator

Dr Magdalena Bak-Maier excels at merging theory and practical application to expertly guide you towards healthier, more empowered ways of being and doing. Magdalena is founder of Make Time Count Ltd, international keynote speaker, author, teacher and facilitator. She holds a PhD in neuroscience from Caltech USA, a Senior Fellowship in Higher Education UK (SFHEA) and advises on healthy workplace culture. Magdalena has created several tools and methods to support healthy human flourishing including Grid™, the Get Productive Wheel™ and powerful means of integrating mind, heart, body, and spirit to support individual and collective empowerment. Grid™ has been Called “an ingenious goal-tracking system with a strong visual element” by Psychologies Magazine and a “complete life-saver” by early Grid adopters.
Twitter @maketimecountuk