Teaching career counselling to over 500 people since 1996 gives our career coaches a depth of understanding and breadth of experience you will rarely find elsewhere. All tutors on our core skills courses are experienced and practising career coaches and trainers. Teaching career coaching sharpens our abilities. Here are just a few of our career coach training reviews:

This is without doubt the best, most practically-applicable and at the  same time intellectually rigorous training program I have ever attended. I enormously appreciate both Rob and Kate's expertise, as well as the intelligent use of coaching/counselling techniques that you used in order to enable us  to experience best practices in this field. Thank you for your enormous generosity in sharing the exercises for my future use, I feel as if I'm in Aladdin;s cave! With enormous gratitude.

This course has genuinely been one of the most useful, engaging and well delivered courses I have ever attended.

This course has been absolutely marvellous. I gained clarity of direction in professional practice, and a new range of tools. It has delivered all this and more in terms of a better self belief and sense of reality. I have nothing but praise for the skills and professionalism , plus the warmth and humanity of Rob and Gilly.  I most certainly would recommend this course to anyone interested in developing skills in this field.

I have a clear plan of how to set up my own career counselling business....Rob and Kate were OUTSTANDING...this course has been transformational for me.

I wanted to write a brief not to say thank you again for the course. The content and practice was great and I use the full framework with clients, but I’m also able to pull out tools and adapt them to other courses that I creat, and that is so valuable to me.

Recently I’ve been the most excited about how much I also learned about conducting a course from this CCS experience. I just finished working with a team to improve their communication. I applied so many of the tools you used to conduct the course - energy checking periodic takeaways ect. And I can see such brilliant results! 

The remarkable toolkit you've introduced us to (is) exhaustive, adaptable, engaging, fun. I've reached insights for myself and feel re-energised in my practice as a Career Coach. 

An excellent programme run by highly experienced tutors.The content was practical and engaging and the course was expertly delivered by Rob and Gilly.I learnt a lot from the programme and now feel much better equipped to practice as a career coach.Definitely a worthwhile investment!   

What an uplifting and wonderful learning experience! The course has left me feeling confident and with a clear understanding of the career counselling process, of the counselling skills needed and of the ways to approach various issues brought to career counselling. I especially appreciate how the course was structured in such a way that put the attendees both in the shoes of the counsellor and of the client giving an all-round experience in a positive and encouraging atmosphere. Thank you so much Robert and Gilly for your support and feedback!  

Excellent course. Tutors' feedback and facilitation really thoughtfully and expertly delivered. Life changing few days. Thank you.

An outstanding course, in fact, the most practically and immediately useful course I have ever attended. The approach of 'going through career counselling' as well as delivering this, is very powerful and thought provoking.

Being the coachee has been of enormous benefit, both in enabling me to empathise with my clients and also in terms of my personal development. I hadn't expected to get so much out of the course, in terms of identifying options for my own future.

Thank you – I gained a huge amount from the course personally, and it was an added bonus that I am also a trained CCS Career Counsellor, a qualification I will wear with pride.

I particularly appreciated the integrity, commitment and generosity of all the CCS career coaches. There was tremendous sense of being believed in, and a desire to empower us to be great career coaches/counsellors. Thank you.

I was lucky enough to be trained by Rob Nathan in career counselling. He was both personable and patient and an excellent coach and guide, with a creative approach. I would recommend him highly.

This was one of the best training sessions I have been on. I would happily recommend it to anyone.

It's been a huge learning curve both personally and professionally and, unlike other courses I have attended, I have acquired skills and techniques that I envisage using not only now, but throughout my career.

I appreciated the strong focus on counselling skills underpinning all other tools, exercises etc. Also underlying the course learning was the personal approach of Rob and Gillian – integrity and credibility with interest, warmth and humour.

The course was well structured and managed. It's excellent to be trained by very, very experienced career counselors who know their stuff. I learned huge amounts, and believe the opportunity to go through the (career counseling) process is critical and invaluable. This has given me new skills I will use for a long time to come and given me much more self awareness. Thank you.

Achieved all my objectives for the course and some unexpected ones as well. Will definitely make use of your network – would like to continue my own development and feel that your framework will work for me. Many thanks!