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An in-house programme for developing employee career management skills

We work in partnership with organisations to deliver career development programmes that enable employees to become more self-driven in their career management. By equipping employees in effective career management behaviours and strategies, they can become more career resilient, more pro-active and able to identify more opportunities to benefit their employers as well as themselves.

This greater sense of ‘career partnership’ between individuals and the organisation creates a more agile workforce better able to adapt to the challenges and opportunities presented in the current and future workplace.

Content of our Career Management Programmes

Using our unique career management questionnaire, Balance™ as a key building block, individuals gain insight into their current career management behaviours and identify the areas to develop. We address the key elements of effective career management outlined below.

Self-Awareness Increasing awareness and insight into key skills and behaviours for effective career management and development.
Strengths & Motivation Identifying the strengths, skills and environments in which they can thrive.
Career Development Strategy Creating a career vision from which to distil development goals.
Resilience and Adapting to change Developing key career resilience skills and strategies for responding positively to change
Nurturing Relationships Establishing effective and mutually beneficial relationships built on common interests, shared learning and support.
Personal Branding Clarifying what to be known for and identifying ways of creating a brand or brands linked to goals, context and purpose.
Action planning Devising an action plan setting out the steps needed to take to achieve the career vision and goals.
Self-Care & Sustainability Recognising the responsibility for managing personal energy in being able to achieve career goals and to plan for long-term success and sustainability.

What are the outcomes for the organisation?

  • An improvement in career resilience skills in your workforce with employees better equipped to deal with rapidly changing environments and less linear career structures.
  • Engaged employees who recognise how their transferable skills can benefit the employer as well as themselves.
  • More productive and motivated employees who recognise their strengths and how to apply them in the organisation.
  • More pro-active employees who nurture relationships within the organisation to create opportunities for themselves.
  • Individuals who are able to better articulate their career development goals and able to have a career conversation allowing greater clarity for talent and succession planning.

What are the outcomes for the individual?

  • Raised awareness and energy of what motivates them at work and how to apply their strengths.
  • Increased responsibility for their career management. Recognition of the role that that they need to play.
  • Improved ideas for creating sustainable personal networks that will enable them to better fulfill their career goals and seek new opportunities.
  • Renewed commitment to career development and action plans.
  • Clarified the steps they need to take to move forward.
  • Improved understanding of their own resources as well as the organisations (and the platform for exchange and learning?


  • Career Webishops™: A Career Webishop™ is an interactive workshop in a virtual space. Small group and pairs work are a regular feature and create the opportunity for in-depth discussion in a confidential environment.
  • Coaching: individual coaching sessions allow a more in-depth conversation. This could be offered as a follow-on from the Career Webishops™.
  • Workshops: these cover the same topics as Career Webishops, but are delivered face to face.

*Materials and Resources: Tools to develop and sustain career management skills are included

*We can tailor the programme in any combination of the above to suit requirements

Our clients describe the experience in the following ways:-

Feedback from programme participants

“It helped me not only to be more self-aware but also to be aware about the environment around me and to identify new market demands. It encouraged me to cross the limit and to learn new skills outside my field of expertise and scope of work. It encouraged me to motivate and empower individuals to excel by becoming a role model and mentoring two other colleagues”.

“Everyone around me noticed the changes in my skills. I have already started to implement some of my medium-term and long-term goals. The development tools and sessions encouraged me to start implementing the planned activities which enabled me to reach and achieve things that I wanted to achieve for years”.

“My key take away is that I am the driver of career development and with that fact in mind there is need for me to have a high self of self awareness to better understand my self and build my confidence”.

“It has been an incredible experience, and the programme has been of great help in analyzing myself, my career, my current achievements and the goals and growth for which I must continue working and developing. “

“The programme has helped me to create a career path with plenty of tools to use and adapt in years to come. I have learned a lot of useful tips for coping with difficult situations at work and how to approach my future career”.

To discuss how to best adapt and deliver our Career Management Webishops™ in your organisation, please contact our MD or Programme Director to arrange a conversation. 

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