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What is an Internal Career Mentor? 

Career mentors are volunteer employees who want to develop their mentoring skills and support other employees, confidentially, to explore their career development options in the organisation.

Advantages of training internal Career Mentors

  • Gives a clear message about the importance of career management across the organisation
  • Some employees may prefer a career discussion to be with a peer rather than their manager of a representative of Human Resources
  • Decentralises the process of career conversations
  • May be trusted more as career conversations are ‘democratised’.

Trained Career Mentors will

  • Be able to confidently initiate and facilitate a conversation with their mentees about future career and development opportunities within the organisation
  • Have at their disposal a variety of tools and techniques to make Career conversations meaningful, authentic and helpful for mentees
  • Have access to information on ideas and opportunities for development
  • Get the mentees to build realistic and engaging plans to develop their own careers.

Possible outcomes of training Internal Career Mentors

  • Increased willingness by employees to take responsibility for their career management
  • A professional career mentoring service within the organisation
  • Higher engagement for employees who meet with a Mentor
  • More flexible employees, open to change and ready for transition
  • Awareness of more opportunities within the organisation.

CCS can support you in the following ways:

  • Support the establishment of the service; advise on recruitment, selection and motivation of Career Mentors
  • Advise on internal marketing
  • Collaborate in the selection of Champions
  • Provide a two-day Introductory training programme for newly selected Champions
  • Provide a further one day Licensing training programme in Balance™ – a complete career management toolkit
  • Monitor and quality control the performance of Career Mentors through ongoing supervision, guidance and CPD

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Ryan Hass, Director of Learning at JDC shares his experience of setting up a cross-company Career Mentor programme.