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Introduction to ‘Balance’™ Coaching 

Covid-19 has taught us to weigh up life’s priorities more carefully. Many people have re-evaluated what matters to them, and decided they are going to take better care of themselves and those close to them than perhaps they did before the Pandemic. 

Employers have been moved to take action to promote the wellbeing of their employees, not least to keep their engagement at work. 

The CCS ‘Balance’™ Coaching Programme enables people to manage their personal and work life in a way that meets their own needs as well as those of their employer.  It covers: 

  • Use of Personal Energy 
  • Building Relationships
  • Learning and Development
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Adapting to Change
  • Career Development Strategy
  • Focus on self versus employer 

A coaching questionnaire sets the scene for areas of focus in the coaching. 30 tools support ways to build self and career-care muscle. 

How will my Coachees benefit? 

The Balance™ career coaching programme aims to help people think more deeply about their current career management behaviour. It can enable coachees to:

  • become better equipped to manage their career in the organisation
  • align their career management with the strategic direction of their employer
  • recognise that career management is a shared responsibility – between the individual and the employer
  • be more in the career management ‘driving seat’
  • discover specific areas which could improve career management ‘balance’
  • remember to highlight career management considerations when transitioning into a new role

What is the benefit to me of becoming a Licensed CCS Balance™ Coach?

  • enables you to respond to a wider range of career coaching and career management scenarios
  • increases the potential numbers of clients and client situations you are competent and confident to coach
  • enables you to modify your own marketing materials to attract a broader client base
  • uses a unique professionally developed online and paper-based questionnaire, based on research and 40 years of career coaching experience
  • allows you to address career-relevant questions in more thorough and focused ways
  • gives you access to an original set of 30 career coaching tools. 

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