Career Tools: Work values cards

People work for different reasons. Most of us work for money, but the amount of financial security and income required by people will vary. We all ‘help’ others less fortunate than ourselves from time to time, but some people like to do this for most of their time using informal chats, career tools, guide books etc. Most of us like a challenge occasionally, but some of like to be faced with challenge after challenge.

Our career tools – the CCS Values Cards – provide an efficient way of enabling coachees to assess and reflect on their current work priorities, i.e. what they value. Simple instructions are included and so the exercise can be carried out in situ or between coaching sessions.

career tools - values cardsBefore purchasing the CCS Values Cards, please email us at indicating your coaching qualifications, training and nature of your current practice. We will then ask you to sign a Commitment Code.

After you have purchased the CCS Values Cards, you will receive our Top Tips for making the best use of the career tool with your clients.