Testimonials: Balance Coaching Licensing Training

Below are selected testimonials for the Balance Coaching Licensing Training:

When I was first introduced to Balance, as a relatively new coach, I found it hugely expansive in that it allowed me to gain an additional skillset - focused around career management strategies which I used to create and develop an additional structured career management package for organisations and individuals.

Great tools which I can start using immediately.

Balance has given many of the clients I work with the insight to their Career Management ‘blind spots’ or into areas that they need to work that they were in denial about or hoping would go away.   Networking is a typical example.

Once these areas were identified, the toolkit has been invaluable in providing a structure with which to work and ultimately improve the success of achieving their career goals/improve their career decision making.

I’ve used the Balance toolkit in groups and with individuals.     I’ve used a mix of the lifeline + openness to change exercise well  for groups of staff facing restructuring as a taster, to be then followed up by one-on-ones and/or career management workshop with the CCS framework.  Mini-workshops have now been initiated (first one was personal branding last week), and worked well with staff interested in the specific topic.

It was really insightful and valuable day. I can see the benefits of the tool and exercises in a variety of situations.

Like a coach in your pocket, Balance asks all the right career questions (and can work as a regular reminder). Not just a 'one-off' review. Wish I’d had this from the start of my career, as I think it would have really made a difference and made things easier!)

Balance is in a space of its own in the organisational career coaching zone

What I particularly like is the focus on 'you' and 'the employer' in interaction. This is not something I have come across. Usually it’s either all about the organisation’s aims or all about 'what I need from work'

This is a very clear and energising questionnaire. It gets you thinking about your career behaviours and aspirations, providing an ideal platform for self-reflection - an excellent tool to help inform a career coaching programme

A fantastic diagnostic tool - for individual and career coach to take a measure of where the individual is at and plan for intervention. Useful and pragmatic suggestions included on what actions could be taken. Accessible, easy to navigate and user friendly.

Balance empowers employees to dare to take a proactive approach to say what they want for themselves and their career.

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