CCS has over 40 years’ experience in delivering career coaching and training services to organisations and individuals. Our programmes can be delivered virtually, in person or as a combination of both.

Career Coaching

We are proud to have enabled thousands of people to gain more fulfilment in their working lives through our personalised career coaching services.

One of the things which makes us a little different from other providers is the holistic approach we take to career coaching – we understand that “work life” and “home life” can’t always be kept separate and we can help you balance your career development with your own well being. All of our career coaches are qualified psychologists, coaches and counsellors with over 20 years training and experience.


CCS has trained and accredited over 1500 career coaches, including HR, L & D professionals, independent coaches and managers in a wide variety of UK and international organisations.

The CCS five day training in the Core Skills of Career Coaching is accredited by the Association for Coaching. This training gives you the tools, skills and confidence to begin offering professional career coaching to others.

The CCS ‘product’ is surely an industry defining standard.