Who should attend our Become a Career Coach programme? Our course is suitable for anyone interested in offering career support to individuals or groups – coaches, mentors, psychologists, career consultants, HR and Learning & Development professionals.

Who Should Attend the Course

We also run the course specifically for the following professional groups tailored to the needs of particular organisations:

HR and L & D Professionals

Increases the professionalism of the offering.

Internal staff responsible for Career Support

Creating an internal pool of career coaches can be a great boost for employees’ careers during downsizing; it can also fit in well with HR policies and save money.

Line Managers Conducting Career Discussions with their Staff

Ties in well with Appraisal discussions.

Outplacement Consultants

Some companies only employ consultants with CCS training.

MBA /Business School Career Advisers

We have trained Advisers in Cranfield, Durham, IESE Barcelona, Imperial, Judge and Warwick.

Advisers Offering Spouse Support in Expatriate Contexts

It has proved important to give support to partners of employees posted abroad

Advisers Responsible for International Placements in NGO Organisations

Enables a quicker turn-around when staff are between roles or assignments

Recruitment Executives

Career coaching is an important addition to the range of services offered. Several companies are expanding to offer career advice.


Coaches will find the addition of the CCS Career Coaching Toolkit invaluable in being able to respond more confidently and appropriately to coaches presenting career-related problems.

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