There are times when it is appropriate to have a professional outside of the organisation to offer career coaching to employees. We offer face to face or virtual meetings to support any of your career development initiatives or where there are employees needing career coaching.

This can have significant benefits, contributing to employee engagement, productivity and wellbeing. It can also eliminate issues before they become problems by enabling employees to take ownership of their careers and take action.

CCS has a depth of experience of providing career coaching for individuals across commercial, public and international sectors. We are specialists in delivering career coaching using a practical five stage approach together with our tools and questionnaires which we have developed since 1996.

  • Your employees will be supported by a professional career coach
  • Our career coaching programmes are adapted to suit your employees’ needs
  • Programmes range from 2-12 meetings
  • Career coaching is combined with CCS’s unique tools and questionnaires
  • We work globally across a wide range of cultures
  • Our career coaches are all members of the British Psychological Society, the Association for Coaching and the Career Development Institute

What does Career Coaching involve?

  • Combines tools with career coaching through a four stage process:
    1. Knowing yourself
    2. Clarifying areas of strength and development
    3. Identifying and exploring opportunities
    4. Deciding direction and actions
  • Face to face and/or virtual meetings
  • Uses unique CCS online tools and questionnaires
  • Identifies internal career and development goals to build on individual knowledge, skills and experience
  • Prepares employees for internal job searches
  • Enables employees to take a more strategic and proactive approach to their career development
  • Identifies networks for employees to build on
  • Provides practical support for employees in transition – eg those returning to work after a break, starting a more senior role
  • Gives support to employees experiencing work-related stress (eg time management, use of strengths, delegation, team work, managing relationships)
  • Enables employees to develop more effective ways of adapting to changing circumstances

How to set up career coaching for one of your employees

We will talk with you to understand your context and what you want to achieve from the career coaching. More specifically, we will discuss:

  • Confidentiality
  • Specific objectives
  • Number of meetings
  • Location of meetings
  • How feedback can be obtained

We will then want to talk with the individual, with no obligation, so that s/he is best informed about what career coaching can and cannot achieve.

Contact our Programme Director, Kate Mansfield on or CEO Rob Nathan on for further information. 

“I very much appreciated the structured approach to career coaching, yet adapted to my needs, as well as making use of the highly useful tools. I appreciated doing preparatory work in preparation of each session to really focus the discussions on the outcome of this work. Some of the results were true eye openers for me, such as a number of strengths I was not aware of, realizing what is most important to me related to my career and options for future roles” Learning & Development Officer, European Agency

An excellent experience that has resulted in some genuine clarity on which direction I want my career to go in. Highly recommend CCS’s services!! Middle manager

“It is still with me today. I started the process a little uncertain, a little unsure ; and I ended it very certain of what I could do. And the proof of the pudding is that I got a role that played to my strengths”. HR Director

“The help I really got was how to articulate my strengths” Graduate, Construction

“You celebrate things you are good at, and rebuild your confidence” Local authority manager

“I began career coaching six months after I returned to work from my second maternity leave. From a work perspective I was feeling lost, dejected and lacking in confidence. I was struggling with the way in which I thought about my career post maternity leave. And with how I could achieve happiness at home combined with fulfilment at work. Rob guided me through a journey which helped me to understand the emotions I was feeling and to explore what I needed to create a solid platform upon which to drive my future career. Rob is calm, insightful, empathetic and genuine. The exercises he suggested were incredibly useful and his interventions in our coaching sessions extremely valuable. I would highly recommend Rob as a career counsellor and coach.” Communications Lead, Banking

“People felt confident enough to apply for secondments and projects they wouldn’t have done otherwise”. Career Development Manager, International organisation

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