We train managers at all levels to have effective career conversations. This could be your managers running large teams. Alternatively it might be less experienced team members who would gain from training in how to approach a career conversation with their own manager. These workshops can be run online as practical webinars over 2-2.5 hours or as half day face to face workshops. They are designed to fit into the schedules of busy managers. We teach a practical framework which is simple to use.

Research strongly supports that effective career conversations impact a number of key areas including:-

  • Individual motivation and performance
  • Alignment of individual and organisational goals
  • Engagement and productivity
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Reduces the risks of burnout, boredom or frustration

(Kidd, Hirsh & Jackson, 2004)

Yet we also know that organisations find it challenging to achieve cultures where managers and employees have open and constructive conversations where parties feel listened to, supported and empowered. Managers report feeling pressured to find ‘solutions’ and therefore often prefer to avoid career conversations outside of formal process or appraisal season.

CCS can train both your managers and employees in effective career conversations

What can managers gain from career conversations training?

  • The confidence to have a conversation with their teams and direct reports
  • To be able to position a career conversation effectively
  • To use a practical staged framework to structure a career conversation
  • To learn three career tools to encourage focus and specific goals and actions: Job satisfiers, Blocks and Bridges, the Development Grid
  • To be able to use the core coaching skills of actively listening, reflecting, using open questions and summarising, together with questions that focus and challenge.

What can employees gain from career conversations training?

  • The confidence to have a conversation with their manager and be clear on their developmental goals
  • To be able to articulate their strengths, motivations and values
  • To learn how to identify goals and to create effective and motivational action plans for themselves.
  • To feel empowered and confident in their own career and development decisions.

Key features of CCS career conversations training

  • Tailored training for managers and their team
  • 2-2.5 hours webinars or intensive half day workshops designed for busy managers
  • Supports business culture of self-managed career development
  • An immediately applicable simple and practical approach
  • Groups of up to 20

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Services for Employers

I have just had a mid-year review with one of my team members and used “The four-stage career conversations framework” and the “Job Satisfiers” questionnaire which led to a wonderful outcome for my colleague! Thank you so very much – I will carry a big chunk of what I’ve learned from you both for the rest of my career.

It’s enabled me to develop a more collaborative and supportive approach to career discussions and the team now see the role we play together in their career development. 

The course really equipped me to listen more attentively in my conversations and to dig deeper before jumping in with solutions

The team are now taking ownership of their career goals, rather than waiting for me to do it for them.

The encouragement to think positively and take control of your own career whilst considering the organisation's point of view.

As supervisors, we are there to accompany the supervisee in their development. We are not there to solve their problems, but to help them - by asking questions - to come up with the best course of action.