Below are the latest publications by Career Counselling Services:

Career Counselling by R Nathan & L Hill (Sage, 2006)

Career counselling is often mistakenly described as giving people advice on finding the best career path. This fully revised and updated second edition of Career Counselling explains what career counselling actually is, why people seek it, and indicates the many contexts where it is used. It describes in detail the skills, tools and techniques of career counselling, useful to both professional career counsellors and those for whom career counselling is just part of their work.

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career counselling guide by rob nathan

The CCS Job Search Guide (CCS, 3rd Edition 2013)

CCS’s comprehensive guide to develop your skill and confidence to manage a positive job search.

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ccs job search guide

The CCS Networking Companion

Networking enables you to ACT rather than react; The CCS Networking Companion will challenge and support you to develop your ability to establish contacts in the short- and long-term.

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ccs networking companion