Course Content: Balance™ Licensing Training Programme

The course content of the Balance coaching licensing training programme is as follows:


  • Gain familiarity with the Balance™ Questionnaire, the thinking and research behind it
  • Know about the Balance™ Coaching Toolkit and the client scenarios when certain exercises may be useful
  • Develop awareness of the different situations in which the Balance™ Questionnaire and Coaching Toolkit may be able to support career discussions and development workshops
  • Increase your knowledge of ways to integrate Balance™ to your working context

What does the Licensing training involve?

  • completion of the Balance™ questionnaire
  • one day Workshop
  • a coaching supervision session to support your early work with clients (face-to-face, Skype or telephone)

All Licensees will receive:

  • a Certificate
  • an electronic copy of the Balance™ Coaching Toolkit
  • one hard and one soft copy of the Balance™ Questionnaire


Course content:

  9.00  Introductions & background to the development of Balance™


  • To know about the background to the development of the Balance Questionnaire and Toolkit
  • To be able to describe the seven factors
  • To understand that exploring the balance between employer and employee drivers can be beneficial to both

  9.45  Debriefing your Balance™ Questionnaire results


  • To become more clear about your own Balance strengths and development areas
  • To indicate that there is no objective measure of balance – it is a coaching tool, and the discussion is driven by the coachee
  • To reinforce that there is no ideal, or correct way, of achieving balance, and that balance may not always be a desirable state

10.45  The Coaching Toolkit: Overview and pairs practices


  • To become familiar with the toolkit
  • To have some idea of what exercises might suit different situations
  • To practice using exercises from the Balance™ Coaching Toolkit

12.30  Lunch

  1.30 Pairs practice (continued)

  4.00  Integrating Balance™ into your coaching work


  • To identify the kind of client scenarios where Balance™ could ad value
  • To consider ways to integrate the use of Balance™ into your career coaching

  4.30  Review and next steps

  5.00  End of day

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