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Many well-intentioned Career Development programmes fall by the wayside.  Often, initiatives are one-off projects or too isolated from business aims and strategy. Employers expect their employees to be proactive career managers, but frequently do not provide the infrastructure or training to enable it to happen.

In response, we have created the Career Strategy Insights Tool. Its purpose is to enable organisations to sharpen their delivery of career management to meet business and individual needs.

About the CSI Research 

During the initial phase of the research, we interviewed people responsible for Career Management in 13 commercial, public and international organisations. Our findings are captured in a Research paper which you can sign up for below.

Key areas explored in our research paper

  • The skills and confidence of Managers to have career conversations
  • The gaps between stated intentions of Career Development and the reality of employee experience
  • The idea of organisation-wide Career Mentors
  • The role of technology in supporting Career Development
“The CSI tool helps you to understand where you are with career development in your own context so you can place your organisation’s career development strategy and priorities for action on a much firmer footing”. 
Dr Wendy Hirsh, Institute for Employment Studies

Download your free copy of our Research paper on the Career Strategy Insights Tool.

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