The potential benefits and outcomes of the Balance coaching licensing training programme are:

Potential outcomes from a Career Coaching Programme using the Balance™ Questionnaire and Coaching Toolkit

  • Find way to develop balance across a number of components, including commitment to self and commitment to employer
  • Build ‘learning’ into any development
  • Develop ways to build more effective relationships at work (including building reputation)
  • Redress any unproductive work-life imbalances
  • Increase willingness to try out new ideas, take on new projects or increase ‘stretch’ as part of career development
  • Develop resilience skills to manage more difficult times at work
  • Decide which Balance™ components to develop, maintain and trade off
  • Engage in actions to fulfil consciously defined Balance™ goals
  • Identify specific steps to align individual and employer career management needs

Who is likely to benefit most from the Balance™ questionnaire and Coaching Toolkit?


  • recently graduated from a development programme
  • at risk of going ‘off the boil’
  • considering a change of career or employer
  • who have lost their motivation for their current role
  • soon to have a development conversation at work
  • transitioning to new roles
  • who want to consider ways of building their reputation or ‘personal brand’
  • who wish to explicitly address concerns about ‘balance’


  • wanting to encourage a balanced approach to career management
  • who need staff to be more focused on opportunities in the wider organisation (and to be less siloed)
  • needing to energise staff to take more personal responsibility for career management
  • wanting staff to be better prepared for development discussions
  • who will benefit from staff knowing about a wider range of development activities (i.e. beyond formal training)

Who can become a Balance™ Licensed Career Coach?

  • any CCS Licensed career coach
  • other coaches with a recognised coaching qualification or training

We are willing to offer a tailored Balance™ training for those without the above qualifications, but who are currently involved with coaching staff

Read “Balance: a new coaching tool for effective career management” (Career Matters, April 2015) here »

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