Using the CCS Work Engagement Wheel – 

15th May 2024 

A half day CPD workshop for Career Coaches wanting to enable coachees to reflect on their engagement with work.

There has been a lot discussed about the impact that Covid has had on our attitude to work.  Has it made us more reflective?  How has working from home affected energy and engagement with work?  Is work now less important in the context of our whole lives?  Has the work ethic of striving been undermined? Is well-being now our number one priority? How do employers best handle the needs of different groups of people (eg millennials/Gen Z, new graduates, neuro-diverse, long-stayers, returners ) ?

If there has been an existential shift, we are certainly still in the middle of it. The so-called ‘new normal’, whatever that is, has not yet arrived.  What is certain is that we are in the middle of a huge transition. In order to move through this transition with some clarity, it is important to recognise what we have and have not lost, and possibly even gained.

 This half day workshop will enable coaches:

  • To be better equipped to coach people about their engagement with work post Covid
  • Increase their awareness, understanding and empathy for the impact of prolonged uncertainty on coachees
  • To know about some useful theories explaining the impact of transition
  • To use one new tool = the Work Engagement Wheel
  • To know about two up to date career theories applicable to a post-Covid world
  • Gain ideas on how to coach people affected by ‘Shock’ and ‘Inaction’
  • To revisit and practice coaching skills

This is a low cost event at £140 + VAT.

Suitable for:

  • Career coaches
  • Coaches needing to focus on career issues, post Covid
  • Any coach needing to address issues of loss with coaches
  • HR, L& D and other People Managers needing to respond employees engaging with work post-Covid
  • Career Advisers facing clients who may be re-evaluating their values post-Covid

NB: This workshop is suitable for participants who have some training in coaching or career coaching

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