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Thursday, 10th October 2024

 0900-1715 (online) 

Owing to the great success of transferring our established and new courses online, we are delighted to offer this invaluable training to CCS graduates, trained coaches, and Talent Managers, HR & L&D professionals with coaching experience.

Mid-life (45-60 years old) can be a time where many people experience confusing internal and external changes. Some are questioning ‘who am I now?’ others may be feeling that ‘I don’t want to do this anymore but I don’t know what I want!’. For many, these pressures have been magnified through the challenging working and living conditions brought about through the COVID-19 pandemic. Many will be experiencing precarious working conditions and considering how they can make sense of what they are experiencing and discover a more fulfilling way of living and working.

Mid-life career reinvention can provide an opportunity to help us to make sense of what we may be experiencing, discover what possibilities we are drawn to and experiment to reaffirm what motivates and gives us fulfilment. Undertaking such fundamental work with our clients can help to bring clarity to confusing thoughts and feelings, normalise a very individual experience and surface insight and learning to support personal reinvention. Now is a perfect time to work with our clients to navigate their mid-life challenges and to find fulfilling, energising ways of working and living.

What is the value of attending the CCS Mid-Life Career Reinvention Masterclass?

At the end of the Masterclass, you will leave the day:

  • Clearer about the internal and external pressures that your clients may be experiencing, and more confident at enabling them to make sense of this
  • Understanding a practical method for helping your clients at this unsettling time to support their sense making, exploring of possibilities and personal reinvention
  • Being adept at drawing upon a 62-page Mid-Life Career Reinvention workbook (including 12 newly-designated tools) when working with clients
  • Knowing how to integrate and adapt this method to your working context, whether within organisations or working externally with individuals and groups:
    • If working externally, feeling confident of generating an income stream from client work on supporting mid-life career reinvention
    • If working internally, feeling confident at helping your colleagues to move to better suited opportunities within or outside the organisation, thereby enhancing further employee satisfaction and employer reputation
  • Having personally experienced some of the benefits that your clients can gain when working with them in this area

Some scenarios where Mid-Life Career Reinvention can be applied:

Clients who are:

  • Feeling jaded, burnt out and want to feel reinvigorated with more energy injected into their work and life
  • Feeling weary, cynical and, having plateaued, are looking for a new beginning
  • Facing a significant life event (for example redundancy, bereavement, significant birthday) and are left questioning their current situation and their sense of meaning
  • Feeling as though life and their career aren’t working anymore and are disorientated, unsure of who they are and what they want
  • Wanting to go back to something that they used to love, reconnect with their true self, thereby helping them to come home to themselves

Who can attend CCS Mid-Life Career Reinvention Masterclass?

Individuals who are interested both in learning more about the topic for themselves, and in integrating it within their own work and business, who are either a:

  • Graduate of the CCS Core Skills Accredited Career Coach training
  • Career coach, coach or organisational coach
  • Talent Manager, HR and Learning and Development professional, Organisational Change Manager with coaching experience

What does the Mid-Life Career Reinvention Work Book consist of?

A comprehensive 62-page work book to walk you through the Mid-Life Career Reinvention approach. This will support you to help your clients to surface understanding, encourage discovery and inform decision-making at this stage in their work and life. This includes both guidance notes for you as the coach and worksheets to use directly in your work with clients, including:

  • Why mid-life career reinvention is becoming ever more important
  • Benefits to us and clients of this work
  • Exploration of the multi-level catalysts and pressures for this unsettling time
  • Summary multi-level framework to support client to build their personal understanding
  • Overview of the three-stage coaching approach
  • 12 newly-designated tools that can be used directly with clients to support sense making, exploring of possibilities and personal reinvention
  • Sign-posting to a range of literature and online resources

Fees and date

The Mid-Life Career Reinvention Masterclass (online) will be held on Thursday, 10th October 2024 0900-1715 (London time).

The fee is £335 + VAT

Early-Bird Rate:   £305 + VAT for applications received by Friday 13th September and payment received by 20th September.


  • the training day
  • a 62-page Mid-Life Career Reinvention Work Book, comprising guidance notes, 12 newly-designated tools and worksheets and resources to use when working with clients
  • the training day slide pack

To apply, please scroll down this page and complete our online application form.

Course facilitators

Dr Cathy Brown, Evolve

Cathy is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist who runs her own organisational development consultancy (www.evolve.eu.com) where she works with individuals, teams and business to manage transitions and change. As a CCS alumni, Cathy has collaborated with CCS over the past fifteen years.

Within her areas of expertise, she writes books (under the brand Testing the Water®), articles, speaks at conferences and is a guest lecturer on Masters courses at several universities. More latterly, she has been awarded a PhD within field of career mobility. In addition, Cathy helps to give challenged individuals a helping hand through life transitions (www.evolvetransitiontrust.org).

Gilly Freedman, CCS

With a training, psychology, counselling and business background, Gilly has worked as a career coach and trainer with CCS since 1994. As well as working with a huge range of clients over the last twenty years, Gilly specialises in career coaching for Doctors and women returners. She has trained hundreds of HR professionals and others in career coaching skills. Gilly is a qualified coach supervisor and supervises the work of career coaches.

Gilly worked on the successful CCS bid and won a National Training Award for career coaching skills training for the BBC. She is the author of the CCS Networking Companion and co-author (with Rob Nathan) of the CCS Job Search Guide. 

Client feedback from previous Masterclasses

“The framing was so informative and had just the right amount of theory plus other resources. The small size of the group was perfect for learning and the emphasis was on practical application and not too slide-heavy. I enjoyed practicing the tools with the same person as well as meeting others in the case study session.”

“The background to relevant research and latest thinking on career issues in mid-life was so valuable. It was a fantastic opportunity to play with and practice using some of the tools.”

“I found some of the research very insightful and felt I could use some of this when explaining my offer to clients. I found the exercises were just what I had been looking for when wanting to support clients who come to me for coaching around career change. I also found it personally insightful to be coached and it clarified in my mind that this is the type of client I very much want to target. Gilly and Cathy work very well together, it flowed well and there was interesting discussion. It is perfect for a one day course for CCS alumni thank you!”

Application form

Please click here to apply and secure your place or email alex@career-counselling-services.co.uk if you have any questions relating to the course.