rob nathan

Founder and CEO, Career Coach & Tutor

Robert Nathan has been career coaching people at all stages of their career since 1978. He pioneered the training and practice of career coaching in the UK, and works with domestic and international organisations to develop internal career coaching support for staff. Rob supervises the work of professional career coaches, has set up the Masters in Career & Talent Management at Kingston University and is a Chartered Psychologist. Robert co-authored two successful books: ‘Career Counselling’ ( R Nathan & L Hill, Sage, 2006)  and ‘How to Survive Unemployment: Creative Alternatives’ (R Nathan & M Syrett, Penguin, 1984). He continues to write on coaching related topics, and regularly runs workshops for professional groups, such as the BPS Special Group in Coaching Psychology and the United National Career Development Roundtable.

Awards and Positions

Visiting Fellow at Kingston University Fellow of NICEC (National Institute of Career Education and Counselling) FRSA ( Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts). National Training Award for training BBC Career Coaches, CDI (Career Development Institute) Award – finalist – for use of technology in career coaching.

Relevant Qualifications / Training

  • Chartered Occupational Psychologist (1974)
  • Diploma in Counselling (1980)
  • Certificate in Systemic Coaching(2000)
  • Training in Solution Focused Coaching (2002)
  • Qualified in Level A and B (eg Myers Briggs, 360 degree feedback)
  • Masters in Creative Writing & Personal Development (2009)

 Publications Include

  • Career Counselling (co-authored with Linda Hill,) Sage, 2nd edition 2006)
  • How to Survive Unemployment: Creative Alternatives (CIPD/IPM, 1982)
  • Numerous career-counselling and coaching related articles, including: “Coaching with Open Ears” (People Management, May 2003)

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