CCS partners with organisations in the UK and worldwide to develop sustainable career management support programmes. Critical to their success is a clear strategy that ties in with business and HR objectives.

We have developed a unique tool – The CCS Career Strategy Index – to determine the areas most likely to succeed in the short term, as well as over several years. Our team of experienced Career Consultants and Trainers will work with you to design the delivery of any training, combined with appropriate resourcing and information.

What are the main benefits of CCS Employer Programmes?

  • Develops, establishes and maintains career expertise in your organisation
  • Supports business culture of self-managed career development
  • Focuses on the sustained success of career management programmes
  • CCS virtual programmes reach globally dispersed workforces.

Some recent successes include:-

  • Training HR teams, Managers and Employees in how to have effective Career Conversations in their organisations
  • Creating cohorts of Career Mentors to champion career management and offer career coaching support
  • Delivering an innovative series of Career Management Webishops™ to enable employees to be self-driven in their Career Management


  • National Training Award for training over 50 BBC Career Coaches
  • Nominated for Career Development Institute Award for innovative use of technology in career coaching (2022) 

Services for Employers

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Some of the clients we have worked for: