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CCS Career Coaching for HR Professionals

Human Resources people are expected to advise colleagues. They rarely seek support for themselves. Yet we have found there is a strong need in HR professionals to benefit from the kind of career coaching they give to others. Physician heal thyself!

We asked some HR professionals what they thought contributed most to their career success. We have drawn on their responses in designing this service specially tailored for people already working in HR, or considering HR as a career.

Starting my HR career

If you are considering HR as a career, or have recently started in HR, you may have some of the following questions:

  • Do I have the blend of skills, interests and attributes which make HR a good choice?
  • Do I want to be an HR specialist or generalist?
  • What skills can I develop to position myself well for the future?
  • How can I gain an understanding of the role of HR in different sectors and organisations, and work out where I would fit?

If you have been working in HR for a few years, you may have other questions based on your experiences:

Developing my HR career

  • It seems that to get to a senior position in HR I need operational experience. Can you talk me through the possible routes?
  • I thought my career would lead me towards a strategic role, but my work is increasingly administrative. What can I do to further my chances of getting a more strategic position?
  • My role has been outsourced, and the parts I enjoy are less available to me. Can you help me look at how I could make more us use of my specialist skills?
  • I have recently moved to a change management role. Can you help me with ideas to deal effectively with this new role?
  • How do I ensure that I deliver business-focused results that will get me noticed?

Assessing my options

  • I have specialised and now other routes in HR seem closed to me. Can you enable me to think more broadly about my options and what my skills and experiences might be transferable to, within and outside of HR?

Regaining my motivation

  • Could I find more work satisfaction in a different kind of organisation?
  • I need intrinsic job satisfaction. But I have to balance that with paying the bills. Can you help me identify some new challenges which will stretch me and reignite my mojo?

Building my personal impact

  • Can you help me work on my personal impact to further my career goals?
  • Can you coach me to build effective relationships and use my internal and external networks to further my career?

Going it alone

  • I am considering becoming self-employed but not sure which skills and services to offer
  • I am considering a move to interim management and would like to talk through advantages and dangers.

The CCS Career Coaching Programme for the HR profession

On our Career Counselling for HR Professionals programme, we combine in-depth, impartial and confidential discussions with career-relevant tools and questionnaires. We have used these questionnaires successfully with our clients for the past 30 years

Discovery Meeting (no charge)

with our Career Counselling for HR Professionals programme, we encourage everyone to have this FREE discovery meeting, either face to face (preferable) or by Skype/telephone. The aim is to hear a little about your situation and give you a sense of what the career coaching might involve, so you can make up your mind if the career coaching is for you.

We will also discuss some initial aims for the meetings.


We will send you some thought provoking preparation exercises.

Allow 2-3 hours.

Meeting 1 – Know yourself: exploring (1.5 hours)

Exploring your situation, educational and career background. This fundamental work enables you to address the questions ‘who am I?’ and ‘what do I want from a career in HR?’ We will discuss and agree any ‘home assignments’ – self-appraisal exercises to help you address your:

  • Strengths and skills (what am I good at?)
  • Interests (What really energises and motivates me?)
  • Values (what is most important to me?)
  • When I’m at my best (what helps me to thrive?)
  • Personality (what work roles and environments would suit me?)
  • Career management (how balanced is my career management?)

Meeting 2 – Know yourself: exploring and clarifying (2 hours)

  • debriefing the self-appraisal exercises
  • (recorded, if desired). Our experience shows that recording this meeting is very helpful in enabling you to reflect on the discussion, the results and possible implications of the exercises. You might also want to share the recording with a partner or friend
  • clarifying your most important motivators, values & career drivers
  • agreeing ‘home assignments’ to aid your further reflection

Meeting 3 – Ideas and options (1.5 hours)

We may cover:

  • summarising your ‘Job Template’ – key elements for job satisfaction
  • identifying work/life opportunities and ideas
  • agreeing your ‘Action & development plan ‘, including deadlines, if appropriate
  • defining your ‘Personal brand’

Meeting 4 – Review of actions & next steps (1.5 hours)

This meeting’s exact agenda will be agreed beforehand. It could include:

  • reviewing successes and challenges of actions taken
  • further coaching on career management development needs
  • next steps


The CCS Career Counselling for HR Professionals costs £960 + VAT inclusive of all online coaching, exercises, between-meetings support, materials