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“I had four fantastic sessions with Rob, who is excellent and clearly very experienced. I would highly recommend this programme to anyone unsure of what the next step in their career should be, as well as anyone lacking the confidence to apply for the jobs that excite them!”   (Early career mover, October 2020)

“The course helped me to identify that I want to study personal development and psychology.  I have an IT background so this is a step change for me, but I have already been in discussion with my management who can see opportunities to expand my current role along these lines.  Since the course I have greater self-confidence and a clear view of how I want my future to be.” (IT Manager, October 2020)

.When you consult CCS, you will have access to the very best career coaching and counselling. We will help you make the best possible career-related decisions.

Our programmes will help you become clearer about what you want to do and how to be focused in getting it. You may be wanting to review the career path you have taken, deal more effectively with work problems, or consider improving your work-life balance.

Career Coaching and Counselling

How clear are you about:

  • what you enjoy and what you are passionate about?
  • your transferable skills and true strengths and how to market them?
  • your values and what really matters to you?
  • what you want and how best to achieve it?
  • the options available and how to evaluate them?

Since 1978, CCS has helped thousands of individuals to recognise their career strengths and manage their careers more effectively.

CCS was voted the best Career Advice service by the Sunday Times.

Services for Individuals

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