Below are the benefits and outcomes from our career coach training course:

Benefits & Outcomes: For the Career Coach

  • Be able to use a staged and structured model of career coaching to support clients in addressing career related issues
  • Have built a repertoire of skills and techniques to provide effective career coaching
  • Be confident to use tools and career questionnaires to facilitate career coaching discussions
  • Have experienced the process of career coaching both as a career coach and a coachee
  • Gain the CCS license and Career Coach Toolkit ( 40 tools) through successful completion of Post-course Test
  • Gain the Association for Coaching Accredited Training Award after seeing a coachee and having a one hour Tutorial/Case Supervision
  • Can contribute to an extra income stream (for independent career coaches) links you with a pool of some 300 CCS graduate career coaches through the CCS Alumni Network

Benefits & Outcomes: For Coachees

  • More able to manage their own careers more effectively
  • Needs are better met through more accurate and quick diagnosis of the real issues
  • Appreciation of the combination of a structured approach, tools and coaching skills
  • A more tailored, thorough and professional service
  • A sharper edge in the market place through a more focused job search strategy

Benefits & Outcomes: For Organisations (for Career Coaches Working In-House)

Coachees who:

  • Are more motivated and productive
  • Have a more proactive attitude to self managed careers
  • Have a career plan and strategies to achieve their plan
  • Are more flexible to consider other areas of the business
  • Don’t define career success only in terms of moving up the ladder
  • View the organisation more favourably for offering this service

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