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Frances Cushway

I first came across Career Counselling Services while working in the Psychometrics team at PwC. With my degree in Psychology, I had trained in BPS Level A and B psychometrics qualifications and assessed employees and applicants for jobs and promotions. We also used psychometrics to support those leaving during their training contracts. I loved the 1:1 work with the trainees and wanted to do more of this type of work. Six years later, in 2006 after a career move to the Weather Centre at the BBC, I was able to do just this as I was given the opportunity to train with CCS and work as a Career Coach/Counsellor alongside my day job as Producer.  

The CCS training gave me both the grounding in Career Theory and a framework and tools to use when working with clients. This really helped my colleagues get the most out of their sessions, plus the exercises helped to extend the coaching time. The ongoing professional development opportunities available through CCS Masterclasses, additional training, and Alumni events has also been fantastic. This has allowed me to continue to develop my skills and confidence plus given me the opportunity to build a fantastic support network of other Career Coaches – crucial when you work on your own! 

Since my training, I set up my own Career Coaching business in 2014, and in 2019 focused my work on supporting mothers in their transition to and from maternity leave. At The Maternity Coach, we offer maternity coaching support to help women prepare to leave their role, prepare to return to their role after parental leave and then support them in their role after they return to reconnect and reboot their career plan. 

I love my work supporting mothers with their career development as extended parental leave has the potential to completely derail women’s career development if not managed properly. Knowing how important careers can be to mothers after their children have left home means I can help new mothers not only re-engage with their careers but also future proof them.