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Jo-Ann Compton

My career coaching practice has developed out of personal and professional experience and a passion for helping young people reach career related goals.  I set up Compton Associates, a specialist recruitment consultancy, in 1997 which I ran successfully for nearly twenty years in London.

Recruitment gave me valuable insights into the hiring needs of my clients, their work culture and environment across multiple industry sectors. I interviewed many candidates and heard stories from young people starting out, building and changing careers. I grew to recognise the balance of skills, experience and intangible ‘fit’ required to make a successful placement. However, I also noticed the unique set of challenges that many face starting out on their careers today, reinforced by having my own children, now in their mid 20’s. 

My association with an advocacy charity taught me the value of impartial support with decision making and inspired me to formalise training in this area.  I embarked upon an MA in Coaching and Mentoring at Oxford Brookes Business School to develop the theoretical knowledge and skills needed to grow as a professional coach.

Since graduating in 2023 I have focused on graduate and early career coaching, working under Compton Associates. I have also been involved in setting up Oxford Coaching Partners, a team of coaches committed to mutual support and self development. Accredited at EMCC practitioner level I am a licensed CCS career counsellor.  I am also an volunteer tutor at Oxfordshire Recovery College which takes an educational approach to understanding mental health.