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Zoe Cullingworth

I am an HR professional by background and now work in a Career Development role in a large organisation. As it was a new role, I wanted a course that I could take back to the workplace and that would provide me with the skills and career development tools to add value in my role. The fact that the course was Accredited by the Association for Coaching as well as provided me with a Licence to use the CCS tools was very attractive.

I am extremely passionate about supporting my colleagues in-house to thrive and find meaningful work. I have always been interested in the psychology of behaviour and qualified in Cognitive Science.

I really enjoy adapting the tools and knowledge I have gained to work with both groups and individuals to help them think about their strengths, career goals and how to connect them to development action steps. I am a complete advocate of how the skills I have developed as a Coach and through empowering individuals benefits the organisation goals and enhances employee experience, development and wellbeing.

In addition to providing in-house career development expertise, I have recently started to offer external coaching sessions. This allows me to utilise the CCS tools in a broader context, enhancing my personal coaching practice.