career management

Career Counselling Services runs the ‘Career Goal Setting’ workshop:

Career Goal Setting:  Workshop Outline


  • To provide a framework for taking stock of key factors in career and personal development. These include strengths, interests, values and development needs
  • To increase the sense of personal control over career management
  • To facilitate reflection on ‘career’ in the context of ‘whole life’
  • To identify next steps


The Workshop is based on a three stage approach and participants will work in pairs and small groups.

Stage 1: Who am I?

This is the fundamental process which needs to be undertaken prior to making plans for career and personal development. Participants gain a more accurate and informed self-understanding, which can then act as a basis for decision making and action. The use of self-appraisal exercises enables am assessment of:

  • Interests (what am I really motivated to do?)
  • Values (what is important to me?)
  • Best moments (when am I most likely to thrive?)
  • Strengths (what do I do well? – taken from achievements and experiences in and out of work)

Stage 2: What do I want?

A Summary of the career exercises and other feedback can give further insights and clarification concerning the kind of work and activities where participants will be most likely to thrive and develop. Participants will begin to design their own Job Template and have the opportunity to brainstorm ideas for career and personal development.

Stage 3: How do I Get There?

Here, participants begin to prepare objectives and action plans.

Who For?

Anyone wanting to consider their future career options. For example, people who are:

  • uncertain about their next steps
  • facing organisational restructuring, downsizing or cuts
  • needing to decide between a few options
  • part of the talent pool or fast trackers
  • uncertain about ways to develop further
  • nor fulfilled or stretched in their current role

Workshop Details

Duration: One day
Maximum Number of Participants: 12
Tutors: Rob Nathan and Gilly Freedman