developing career resilience

Career Counselling Services specialises in developing career resilience training:

Developing career resilience: Workshop Summary


This practical Workshop will enable participants to develop their abilities to deal with setbacks, manage change and create and stay in control


  • to identify opportunities that play to personal strengths, and be able to manage or overcome blocks
  • to build three key ‘resilience’ abilities: challenge, commitment and control
  • to develop a ‘counter intuitive’ ability to respond to challenges


A variety of exercises will be used to build on Career Management Workshops.

Mini-workshops will be designed around the particular needs of the group. These could include:

  • Resilience: the three Cs – challenge, commitment and control
  • Identifying what you can and cannot change
  • Thinking ‘out of the box’
  • Believing in your abilities
  • Staying focused and flexible
  • The ‘Personal Success Cycle’: a model for managing setbacks

Workshop Details

Duration: 1 day or 2 half days

We can deliver workshops virtually or in person.

To discuss designing a career resilience workshop for your organisation, please email to arrange an initial conversation.

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